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Silver Haze gets its name from the beautiful THC crystals that sit on the buds once they are ripe for harvest. This strain is known to amplify the mood you are already in.

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If you are a creative peer, you get an incredible boost of creativity that is unstoppable and that makes you realize things that you would never be able to do otherwise. When you’re in a good mood, the euphoria is never far away when you enjoy smooth vapors from Silver Haze and in addition, users often experience a significant energy boost.

But, because our Silver Haze cannabis cookies do not contain THC, the effects are of course much milder. What you do get, together with the delicious taste, is a large pack of cookies containing delicious pieces of chocolate and baked with a lot of love and the greatest care. You can enjoy yourself for a long time, but don’t be surprised if your visitors also want to taste them.

The terpenes that work beneficially on your endocannabinoid system are legal to use so you don’t have to sneak them in on your own. Do you feel like such a delicious cookie during the day? No problem! Because they do not contain THC, you can easily eat them as a snack during the day because there is no high or stoned feeling. Even if you still have to drive the car, operate machinery or do other work, your responsiveness will be just the same as if you didn’t eat one.


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